Friday, May 30, 2014


If I say that almost every active youth and business men have access to the internet either via their “smart phone” or tablet I wouldn’t have over exaggerated. It is well known fact that the iPAD and Blackberry device manage data better than Androids, unfortunately android devices are the most popular and easily affordable as different vendors offer them at competitive prices in Africa and some other continents like Asia.

A lot of us in Nigeria use android and we constantly complain about data usage never enough for the things we need to do. In fact many people switch off their data just to better manage their bundle consumption, but the effect of that is, you will miss your notifications at the right time. If you really look at it closely most of us only use very few apps on our phone, meanwhile almost all apps on the android device are data hungry (even the useless ones which are pre-installed on the phone).

To cut the long story short, there are two apps among many on the Google Play Store I personally use.

These 2 apps below  were design to help you manage your data usage efficiently.

1. DROIDWALL : This requires a rooted phone, but most people don’t like tampering with their phone software because of warranty or they just don’t have time for such stress. So I will talk more on the one for normal non-rooted android phones OR tablets.

2. MOBIWOL: This is the best in its class as of now in my own opinion. With Mobiwol installed on your phone or tablets, you can allow or restrict any app, even the android system itself from accessing the internet. This means that even if you have credit in your phone and your Data is ON your credit will not suddenly go missing in the wild, not knowing which app actually used it and for what.

Okay, let’s get to it….

Just follow the link at the bottom of the page to Download MOBIWOL (recommended) and follow the STEPS below to fully set it up.


1. Download and Install MOBIWOL from GooglePlay.

2. Open the application and Swipe right to turn it on

3. Next, click on firewall rules > options > mobile > choose block all mobiles.

4. If you got it up to step 3 correctly you will discover that no apps on your phone or tablet can connect to the internet even though your data is ON. Test it to be sure.

5. Now to enable any app access to the net, let say you want only BBM, Whatsapp and Your browser access, just go to firewall rules in step 3 and search for BBM and other app you want to give access, then click on the grayed out network symbol next to the WIFI symbol to make it active. That’s all. The app can now have access to the internet.

6. Do same for allowing and restricting the access for other apps. With this set up, no useless or pre-installed apps will have access to your money (yes, your MB is your money) downloading content from the internet to your device you most likely will never use or need.

Hmmmm….. I know the network forks will frown at my post now but hey! It’s our hard earn money, lets know how it’s used.

I hope you find this informative and productive? If you do, then leave your comments, questions and suggestions below.

Remember no knowledge is a waste… so keep learning.

Click here to download MOBIWOL

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