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You don’t need to imagine using your phone to access your flash drive and type an email faster with an external keyboard attached to your phone, you can actually do it and it’s not as if it just started today, it’s been around for years. Most people either don’t utilize it well or don’t even know about it.

This is a feature that has been around for a very long time and most people still don’t use it or know its full potentials. Even OEMs don’t talk much about it, but it’s a nice feature that if you explore very well could save you a lot of stress, time, energy and maybe money.

A lot of people are aware of this feature in their phones, but don’t fully understand it or perhaps don’t really see why they should use it. The USB On The Go (OTG) is simply a feature available on your phone and tablets that allows you to read and write file to and from your flash, external HD, mouse and external keyboard. Its available on most Smartphones today including (Nokia Symbian, almost all Androids ( from low end to high end, including Tecnos). I haven’t seen it on iPads and iPhones yet.

Check out the image to see what it looks like. If you need a complete suite then grab a USB keyboard for ₦700 or $4.7 and a USB mouse for ₦200 or $1.2 with a flash drive of your choice size. See attached image to give you an idea of what am talking about.

I still don’t get why OEMs won’t add the extra cord to their phones, making you pay extra for it.

Note: the phone in the pic is a Sony Xperia U ST25i ( a low end android phone with no support for external SD card like all nexus devices)

There are many scenario where this will be useful and I use it lot with an external keyboard when my laptop battery goes out and I need to quickly type a mail or post. Sometimes, I have very important files I don’t want to leave on my laptop or phone, I just want it on my external drive to access them on the go. Don’t forget My previous write up about redundancy backup…so don’t put all your files only in one place.

That means I can have all my movies in a 320gb external hd, connect it to my phone and watch till my battery runs down. This means unlimited storage for your limited phone.

With this you don’t have to contemplate on which files to delete to free up space, you just need to connect your flash drive and move the file on the go.

You can check out this website to learn more

In summary you can basically;

• Use a mouse with your phone (COULD BE HELPFUL TO PHABLETS OWNERS)


• READ A flash drive: you can improved the support by reading (

• Use it as a external backup device

•Depending on the power of your device you can charge a lesser phone with a more powerful phone. For example Nokia N8 or galaxy Note II can charge your Smaller Nokia or other low end phone through the port.

• You can get wired or wireless gamepads for your device. The wired is always cheaper.

• Access and transfer data faster between two phones just like the third image.

• Record your video and take your pictures directly ( don’t worry about reducing the size of image quality because of limited space) transfer to your pc. Just set the path to reflect your external disk

• Attached a USB hub and connect more than one USB drives. That is you can use a mouse and a keyboard while transferring a large files to your flash. All these can be done with that your phone (interesting right? Try it).

Well, have said enough, you can Google for more. Mine is to bring you the info and make you aware of few cool things you can do to get more value for your money.

If your already know about it and have been using it, good, but if you didn’t know, well now you do.

Lastly, try to test this with an external dvd player or some certain USB Modem like the New hauwei E355. Just explore your imagination (the greatest asset God gave to Mankind). it wont hurt. Just see if your phone is powerful enough to play a movie directly from an external dvd.(You Might be surprise). Remember to download and install Bsplayer if you are on android( I use it to play .vob files: dvd format).

That’s all about it.

Share if you enjoy reading it and don’t forget to add your own tweaks and tricks to the list

You can never go wrong with the right information… keep learning.

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