Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Many a time we lose our phones, tabs or pads or laptop and the first thing that comes to our mind is the files and important document we have saved and then we are like  “Oh no! My whole life is gone”.

I know for a fact that everybody knows that backup exist and understand how it works but many people still don’t use it because they see it as too much trouble. I will advise you to stftart cultivating the habit of backing up your important contacts, messages and documents, because there are some certain files you just can’t get back when you lose them.

You may not know the importance until you actually lose that precious computing device you store your files with. There are various ways by which you can backup your files. If you an Oracle Savvy or a database person, you will know about a process termed mirroring or redundancy….by that I mean backing the same file or set of files in different locations. With that you never have to worry about losing your files when you lose your device. Below are some of the various ways you can explore to backup your files.

1. Dropbox:  you can use the Android, Nokia Lumia and Iphone drop box app. Download it from GooglePlay, Windows App Store and iTunes respectively.  Set it up to sync your contact and messages as you add and receive them. Once you set it up you don’t have to worry about anything. With this you can backup anything on your phone and laptop. You can set the frequency of the backup too. As a free user you have 2GB space. That’s more than enough to backup all your contacts and messages for a lifetime if you don’t want to go premium to use backup other heavy file type. At you can also get the same service. Remember the mirroring I talked about. 

2. For those with Nokia Lumia you can make do with Skydrive on your phone. If you have the Symbian device you can backup all your document including contact and messages by going to file and choosing backup and save it to an external drive like your memory card and restore it back any time. Always remember to save it onto an external drive.

3. The android fans have lots of ways to Backup, I will suggest Google drive in addition to dropbox.

4. Itunes is always a portable companion for the i-all guys, just sync your contact and messages with i-cloud and you are safe.

5. If you are in Nigeria you can make use of the following network provided backup service. On the MTN Network, you can the MTN Backup SIM directly from your non GPRS phone. It cost #100 for the first backup and #50 for subsequent sync. This charges applies when doing it directly from your handset as online backup is free. You can only backup 200 contacts using this method but if you want to backup up to more than 200 contacts to a maximum of 5000 then you can go to and signup for the service.  For ETISALAT steps go to and download their app @ or send SUB to 48900. For AIRTEL go to and type in type in your number,  a link will be sent to you to download the backup app. For AIRTEL you can also send “MYBACKUP to 522” to get the link.

Then of course the old way; saving your files to various flash drives, external hard drives and disk

The point isn’t if one method is better than the other. Honestly whether you use the method suggested above or you have a better way of backing up….the point is learn to back up your important files so that when disaster strikes, or your computing device of choice experience sudden death or get stolen, you will be glad you did. By the way, this is actually the whole idea behind the growing cloud computing technology you see today.

Your contributions, comment and feedbacks are highly welcome.

Remember the right information is key….so keep learning.

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