Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Everyday ICT Blog.

Here on everyday-ICT Blog we will together start using more than 50% of our device and gadget capabilities. This includes but not limited to our Laptops, Phones, gadget of all sort. For example your Bluetooth headset with a little tweak can do more than just listen to music. You will most likely be thrilled and fascinated by most of the well research insight on productive software’s and apps, latest technology, How TOs, reviews and unbelievable facts I will be writing on.

Most people purchase very expensive device ranging from $200 - $3000 and they don’t even use more than 5% of it in its entire life cycle. Hey Pius! it’s my device not yours; Well, yeah! but what if you could do a few cool things with your device that could save you extra stress and maybe even extra cash at your own convenience without spending a dime? Now, that wouldn’t hurt, would it?

We buy expensive devices or upgrade to the latest technology for a number of reasons which might be some cool features you heard on TV commercial or your local Radio or probably read online or maybe you got that device as a result of peer pressure, trying to impress, the class thing or maybe you are just fortunate unlike me to be related to Bill Gate or Dangote.

Honestly, am not bordered with your reasons; what I am more consign about is for you to actually explore the value of your money on that device you’ve got in your hands.

There are so many things you can do with a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC. For example you can’t have a Samsung S1, S2, S3, S4, Note 1, 2 or 3,  Tecno Phatom A+ or N or Sony Xperia devices and maybe Iphone 5 and some certain symbian devices and still go to the café to scan a document you want to send to your mail or go to the photographer to take a quick 2*2 passport when all you need is a softcopy of the file or maybe you here a new song on Tv and you wish you could get the song details at that moment; Well, if you know the right software to use, you could save yourself the money to call your friend or googling your way. Well, many folks are cool with that, but if you keep following me on my page, blog and YouTube channel you will soon stop wasting money, time and bandwidth doing the things you do daily a little faster at the your own convenience. You will be well informed.

Truthfully, with just one app or software that most people probably have on their phone or laptop they could do so much if they are aware of the scenario at which they can use it and that’s where Everyday ICT comes in.

I will try as much as possible to publish only productive, innovative and informative articles so you don’t have to waste your bandwidth reading senseless post. I will also post direct links where necessary.

Some of the stuff I will be talking about you may already be well familiar with it, don’t sweat; you will surely find something that will interest you as we go on, so stay tuned as I try in my own little way to help you understand the things you’ve being seeing around you Everyday in information and communication technology.
Don’t forget to leave your contributions, comments, feedbacks and criticism below…. I will respond swiftly ASAP. Thank you.

Remember knowledge is power….so keep learning.  

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