Tuesday, September 24, 2013


DATA SHARE:  This is the era of data my friends and everyone wants cheap and efficient ways of maximizing their data usage. Every average individual wants more data to browse and the era of unlimited data plan is gradually slipping away if not already gone. The reason isn’t far fetch as new social networking app and sites get dish out every day; but i find the idea of data sharing a little bit interesting and cost effective.

For every app, product or services created by any individual or group of people, no matter how stupid always has an underlining assumption and believes. This is also true for data sharing.

So, what exactly is data sharing? In a layman terms; data sharing is simply sharing your data plan with two or more people irrespective of their location or type of device they use. This means I can have a central SIM residing in a NOKIA TOUCH LIGHT PHONE not capable of browsing, subscribe to a data plan and share the data with the SIM in my Modem, My IPAD, My Samsung Galaxy Phone as well MY Family and Friends SIMs. This is totally different from WIFI Hotspot and Data Gifting because unlike WIFI Hotspot which is phone dependent, Data sharing is network dependent and it’s not limited by the phone type.

This means you can use a non GPRS enabled phone to share data to a GPRS enable phone. It also means that I can be in Lagos and share my data with someone in Abuja.

Here is a scenario to fully understand how it works; Let’s say I subscribe to a data plan of 250MB on MTN, ETISALAT or if you are in the USA AT&T with a validity of 1 month and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters in school (you know student always don’t have money, even the rich ones, it’s a culture) and they want to be able to whatsapp, vibe, tweets their friends but have no money to subscribe and they want your help to pay their internet bills or perhaps you and your friend in different location wish to both combine money to subscribe to one data plan, be it 10MB or 16GB.

Well, this is where data share comes into play. You can simply add their name to your data share list and wherever they are they can start browsing with your subscription….cool right….Well, the good part is you can always delete and add them back and its password protected so anyone can’t just add their number to your list.

Ok, mine is just to let you know that this technology exist, yours is to find out from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) how to subscribe for the service.

At least you know now that data sharing exist and this is what I intend to achieve on everydayICT allowing you to fully understand and maximize the use of things you see everyday around you.

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