Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The application that allows you to do this is HTTRACK Website Copier: Well, this is one nifty app that lets you do an amazing stuff. It basically does what it says, copies a website. I have been using it for a long time now and I can say it can really save you a lot of headache if you get the gist. So, what exactly does this do? Lets picture a scenario where you are browsing a site and wish to read an article or tutorial or read the whole story from a news website and you are charged based on the time you spent on the internet or maybe you are using your office WIFI Hotspot and you know when you leave the office you will have to rely on your own limited mobile connection to browse. Well, this little app lets you actually copy the website content from the online server directly to your local memory card in your phone or hard disk in your PC and you can browse the site in “offline mode” through your browser as you would in an online environment. It saves time and allows you to read your favorite articles or tutorial at your own convenience in the same format you would if you were connected online. What this means is that if your visit tutorial sites like you can actually download the whole content of the site to your hard disk. You are limited only by your hard disk space. The fact that you can potentially download the whole web on your pc or phone doesn’t mean you should. Anyway, here is the good part; HTTrack also allows you to download the update part of your downloaded website and add it to your local file without having to download it all over again and the best part is that its freeeee… …’s cool right….there are lots of tweak and tricks you can do with it and I will leave you to dig it. Its available for all Platform; Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Get it from Google Play for android, iTunes for Mac and IPAD, and for PC. Remember No Knowledge is a waste… keep learning

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